Gramfree Review and Everything You Need to Know

With people searching everywhere for easy way to make money, same way many fall for scam. Today we shall review and reveal everything we know about Gramfree, their acclaimed Airdrop and Telegram affiliation.

With people searching everywhere for easy way to make money, same way many fall for scam. Today we shall review and reveal everything we know about Gramfree, their acclaimed Airdrop and Telegram affiliation.

What is GramFree?

GramFree is introduced as just an online program that rewards its users with the virtual currency (Crypto) in gram that operates on TON blockchain created by Telegram.   We all know how advanced Telegram is with regards to Airdrops and Blockchain technology.  Telegram was created TON to improve platform with blockchain technology.

GramFree lets you gain tokens by performing simplistic tasks, like viewing or creating videos, signing what they describe as Smart Contracts and partaking in lottery, etc. By referring other people to GramFree, you can increase your income. GramFree is free, as the name suggests, so that you don’t have to deposit any money and you can start earning grams immediately. Earned Gram can be converted into Bitcoin and physical cash (dollars).

Is GramFree legit?

Tough question that no person want to hear but truth must be told. The answer is a big No, Gramfree is not legit. GramFree has no connection, not even partnership with Telegram and it is not using the TON blockchain or trading or exchanging real Gram tokens.

First, Gram tokens, which has been clearly described by Telegram, were never available for public trading. Although Telegram did an ICO in 2017, it hadn’t sold real gram tokens, because there wasn’t the TON blockchain back.

Telegram continued to build the TON blockchain, but was forced to stop it at the end. This was mainly because Telegram had an unaccompanied securities sale and was denied by  US financial regulator SEC.

Is Gramfree a scam or legit?

Now that we’ve determined that there isn’t even the TON main net, what’s the bell ringing in your ears? Obviously a scam is obvious. The gram tokens that gives you are fictitious, only server numbers are not real tokens.

We saw many scams like this, claiming that they are linked to large brands, running their closed systems and pretending to use a real cryptocurrency. They ‘re never, however.

You see, there must be a real cryptocurrency that is running on a computer network. The TON blockchain was supposed to be public, so you could check transactions, you could literally see the network running.

What are you thinking now? The figures shown are just quantities that can not be traced. No one can verify the figures except those hiding behind the computers back door.

Why you Should Doubt More

We had a lot of laughs when we tested the activities for which GramFree is going to reward you. Specially in the section on smart contracts. You want to think you can somehow make contracts in the non-existent TON main net and make money by clicking every so often.

This is completely absurd.
Intelligent contracts are not gaining cash by themselves. Intelligent contracts are blockchain programs, they can do much but certainly not gain money to random strangers, who use a dark GramFree dashboard to click on the buttons.

The Economics Doesn’t Add Up

GramFree would like you to believe that you can make money by doing some ridiculous work and taking part in a lottery. t It’s true that some Crypto projects did airdrops this way, but you can only see them on the public blockchain by small amounts of tokens.

It’s nonsense to give away tons of money, as GramFree suggests. More importantly, as we have proved already, Gram is not a true Crypto-currency platform to trust, it is not traded on a single exchange, so you couldn’t exchange it for real cash.

Yes, we are aware of these so-called payment proof posted on social media by some GramFree users. However, they are fake or paid by GramFree. Ordinary users of GramFree can’t just make money because it’s a scam. Something with no value can not be paid for.

How GramFree works

GramFree is a scam created by scammers to make money. Who is by the way anonymous, who runs this dirty scheme behind close doors.
The first thing that we noticed was that GramFree has means of deposit, something that is mostly used by scammers.

Make sure that nothing is sent to them, for it would be a sure loss. Secondly, GramFree collects a massive user database that can be purchased and exploited in connection with other investment fraud. And they can also have other income sources such as sending users to websites and watching videos monetized by GramFree scammers.

And there is maybe even more, it is always hard to see the entire malicious intent of scammers, their whole picture, they can hit you from any side. This is why you have to stay away from GramFree, don’t even sign up, don’t deposit any money.

Conclusion on Gramfree Review

Gramfree as per explained above, you put yourself in risk by depositing on Gramfree website. Mostly it’s silly to invest in faceless businesses that can’t be traced. Please leave your review or personal experience below. Your thoughts might be helpful to other visitors.